Heart nebula by Skiwalker79 on Flickr

Hello and welcome to echopraxis.com. Echopraxis.com is a website for trainees and specialists in ICU, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine, interested in echo and ultrasound.

We’re a bunch of intensivists who are learning, using and teaching echo and ultrasound in our own practice of critical care. Our hope is that this record of our own journeys will become a useful resource for other trainees and specialists as they acquire skills, pursue qualifications and integrate ultrasound into their daily work.

We’ll be sharing

  • images and loops we see (with fictionalized clinical context)
  • our approaches to scanning, and how we tailor them to different situations and disease states
  • links to useful online resources and events
  • information on courses and opportunities to gain experience
  • our thoughts on the paths we’ve chosen to acquire formal qualifications in echo and ultrasound

We looking forward to seeing your hints and pointers in the comments on our posts.


The echopraxis team

Cover image: Heart nebula by Skiwalker79 on Flickr



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