The ICN Echocardiography Masterclass was held on the 19th of June at St George Hospital.

It attracted over 40 trainees from different parts of Sydney. This impressive turnout highlighted the renewed interest in echocardiography as well as the recent change in CICM requirements for training. During the break ( AV technical issues!!), attendees were able to direct questions to the panel of speakers regarding the ease of obtaining 30 scans to fulfil the college requirements. The reality is, whilst obtaining 30 basic transthoracic echo scans is easy, the motivation required to learn echo which involves acquiring basic knowledge in physics, knobology and echocardiography, is likely to be the biggest hurdle for most beginners.

After a lovely curry meal, thanks to our friends at Bedside Critical Care Conference 2014, the session kicked off with Dr Cartan Costello on Echocardiography in Trauma , followed by my talk on Obstructive Shock, Dr Nicola Stanley on the use of real time Ultrasound for Invasive Procedures and ended with the true master in echo, A/prof Stan Yastrebov on Echocardiography To Define Haemodynamic State. The rest of the talks will be available here soon.


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