Basic training - because when you start, you can't see anything...

Basic training … because at the beginning you can’t see anything…

CICM trainees who enrolled from the beginning of 2014 must develop competency in Focused Cardiac Ultrasound to complete their training and obtain FCICM. The requirements are outlined here, but include

  • attending an approved echo course
  • performing 35 scans, which must be
    • clinically indicated
    • stored and assessed as satisfactory by aCICM approved assessor
    • performed within 1 year after attending the course
  • passing an on line MCQ exam.

The Focused Cardiac Ultrasound curriculum includes

  • basic views: 2D PLAX, PSAX, A4C (± A2C) and subcostal views – colour or spectral Doppler is not included
  • key questions
    • LV and RV impairment / dilation
    • pericardial effusion / tamponade
    • significant hypovolaemia

Assessors must have an advanced level of experience -for example, having completed the DDU (Critical Care or Cardiology), FRACP in Cardiology, ASCeXAM, GCCritCareEcho (UQ) or the Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound (UMelb). Although local assessors are ideal, remote assessment is acceptable.

Cover image: DoD photo by John Curtis


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